Mar Solís: Welcome Spaces



Mar Solís approaches drawing as a much more effective means of understanding space from the expressive point of view. This is especially appreciated in those ink-on-paper compositions in which she presents abstract details configured from the gesture and the stain, playing with their opacity and transparency – as if the shadows projecting sculptures had finally managed to merge the material with the intangible – or following formulations typical of oriental aesthetics, as if calligraphy could be the same thing as landscape.

The artist tends to reproduce the characteristic lines of her three-dimensional pieces to reinforce their proximity to the architectural through different construction elements, from arches and domes to buttresses and arcs-boutants, or to suggest a deep connection with the organic and the vegetal through lines that they hint at branches, wooded paths or original formations of concentric circles.

Its structures, light and flexible, seem to rise against the heaviness of the world, describing curves and folds in the air that replicate the dynamism of our ecosystem and that non-permanence of everything that lives. They are forms that evoke nature, confirming its fragility but, at the same time, they offer themselves as welcoming spaces, nests or shelters, suitable for meditation and silence.


Top image: MAR SOLÍS, Origen II, 2019. Charcoal on paper, 240 x 480 cm. ENQUIRY

MAR SOLÍS, Trazos III, 2020. Charcoal on paper, 103 x 78 cm
MAR SOLÍS, Ramas, 2019. Charcoal on paper, 136 x 126 cm
MAR SOLÍS, Cúpulas, 2019. Charcoal on paper, 120 x 86 cm