Antonio Bokel

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BRAZIL, 1978

Antonio Bokel is an artist from Rio de Janeiro, who transits between painting, sculpture, literature and the aesthetics of urban graphic interventions. His gestuality and chromatic experimentation are features present in his painting, walking side by side with an informal curiosity directed at the universe of cultural symbologies and popular iconographies. One can perceive in his gestures a desire for aesthetic representation of chaos, something that we can observe in the rhythms of spontaneity and diligence, result of the frantic mobilities of the urgency of present times. Thus, the artist’s graphic expression becomes an amalgam of the visuals of the streets, magazines, advertising images, commercial posters, which have been forgotten and deteriorated by time, along with visual creations of peripheral identities that overlap on these communications. A work that adds the graphic and pictorial languages of the artistic field along with inquiries towards the urban and social imaginary in which we live.