Daniela Alfarano

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ITALY, 1976

She began exhibiting her works in 2006 and since then exhibitions have been held in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Bologna, Modena, Milan, Pietrasanta, Rome and New York.
She has recently exhibited at Classense Library, MAR, Art Museum of Ravenna, Italy; Mudima Foundation, Milan; Dalheim Monastery Foundation, Lichtenau, Germany.
In 2020 she participated to the important acknowledgement of contemporary art at the Urban Museum Cabrol, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, where she exhibited the site-specific Un giorno raccoglieró le mie piume e volerò via, composed of 180 drawings.
She has exhibited at various museums and religious areas, in particular at the Diocesan Museum in Milan. One of her works is permanently exhibited in the Misericordia Church in Pietrasanta, Italy.