Gerald Panighi

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FRANCE, 1974

Particularly active in the South of France since the early 2000s, Gérald Panighi graduated from the National School of Art at Villa Arson in 2001; he took part to group exhibitions in Paris, Brussels, Milan and Berlin.
«Gérald Panighi draws with a certain sense of thrift, organizing in the whiteness of paper some vast breathing zones. In the middle of large raisin format sheets of paper, he puts down some small figures in graphite, often enhanced with a colour pencil or ink, sometimes oil (…). Gérald Panighi starts from aphorisms that come to his mind, like that, often at night, and he types them with a typewriter on sheets of paper all sizes, like the beginning or the potential passage of a novel. Then come the images replying to these poetical sketches without ever really illustrating them, thus creating a sort of a dialogue of the deaf».

Text extract, Catherine Macchi de Vilhena