Gonzalo García

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MEXICO, 1985

Gonzalo García’s world is that of the eccentric and disturbing. An artist who combines his artistic excellence with exploration of horror and the monstrous, a reflection of contemporary society, which, upon losing its emotional center of gravity, looks for him on the margins, in extremism or madness.

The narrative drama of his images, it is vertiginous as well as gloomy, is that of the decadent and brutal contemporary reality, in which the utopian dreams of an indeterminate freedom turn into a nightmare, where the segmentations, fragmentations and decompositions typical of hybridism exude a bitter toxicity and end up feeding on blood. It is an art where the fantastic and oneiric realism is taken to its extreme, touching the shores of primitive narcissism, where the affective identification becomes ambivalent, to the point of wanting to incorporate the object of desire by devouring it.