Gregory Forstner

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Graduated at the University of Applied Arts of Vienna, Austria, and then, at the National School of Arts at Villa Arson in Nice, in 2008 Gregory Forstner was awarded a scholarship from the French Ministry of Culture for an artistic residency in New York with the Triangle Arts Residency Program.
«All my work comes from contemplation. To help me understand the real, in order to represent its reality, I need to go through fiction, through the invention of a personal mythology and play with stereotypes and archetypes invented by our societies. To do so, I use some principles, or figures, such as the concept of the upside-down world, the figure of the jester, tales, allegories, etc. The connection with the word of childhood is particularly productive because it is not completely tainted by the adults’ world. (…)».

Extract from an interview with Mathias Coullaud