Jorge Julve

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SPAIN, 1989

« When the artist makes this series of drawings, a state of alarm is declared. This series will be conditioned by those months that we had to live and the new reality that we have to face (…).
Life from a screen, images, videos, texts, audios, video calls… That is the reality that we lived during confinement, and it is in that reality where I made the series of watercolors. In most of the watercolors images of bodies and faces, at a time when we could not physically interact, the human body became an image and the mobile a projection of ourselves ».
In Jorge Julve drawings, the apparent chromatic restriction is associated with a desire to analyze and investigate the specific functions of painting, which becomes a personal adventure. Because the painting contains its own gears. Jorge Julve exposes them on some occasions, as if he were trying to expose the mechanical nature of the discipline. The gray scale, with its ocher, lilac or blue contaminations, allows for unapologetic experimentation. Middle tones can play the ambivalence card.