Joseph Yosef Dadoune

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FRANCE, 1975

Yosef Joseph Yaakov Dadoune, born April 24, 1975 in Nice, is a French-Israeli artist working at the intersection of video, photography, performance, drawing, architecture and social action. In his work, Joseph Dadoune is interested in the tensions between East and West, centralized power and periphery. His works also resonates with issues related to colonialism, gender and identity. After a childhood that takes him from Nice to Ofakim, Joseph Dadoune becomes known in the early 2000s in France and in Israel for his film “Zion” (2006-2007), produced with the support and participation of the Louvre and actress Ronit Elkabetz. In 2008, he develops a cycle of pieces entitled “In the Desert” which examines the economic, social and cultural reality of the development town Ofakim. Starting in 2010, he concentrates on drawing and creates monumental surfaces slathered in a black tar that he also adds to various objects and materials.