Laerte Coutinho

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BRAZIL, 1951

With a vast and award-winning career, Laerte Coutinho has created and collaborated with numerous publications since the 1970s, with works in comics and cartoons. She is one of the creators of Balão magazine (comics) and Oboré (communication advisory for unions). She has published work in O Pasquim and O Bicho, in the Estado de São Paulo, in the Folha de São Paulo and in several magazines. She is the author of the daily comic strip Piratas do Tietê and she was a writer for Rede Globo TV programs such as TV Pirata, TV Colosso and Sai de Baixo. She presented the program Transando com Laerte, on Canal Brasil. She is the subject of the short film Vestido de Laerte, by Claudia Priscila and Pedro Marques and of the feature film, Laerte-se, by Lygia Barbosa and Eliane Brum. She is the creator of emblematic characters such as the Pirates of Tietê, Hugo, Deus and Overman.
Laerte uses a refined and biting humour to explore important themes in the human condition and in addition, contributes significantly to live model design.