Lao Gabrielli

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Vibrant color and geometric abstraction are a common denominator in Gabrielli’s work. Chromatic alterations is a visual game, through color and geometry in the plane. Thus promoting an optical reality and apparently altering and accelerating moving lines through geometric sequences and color variation that expand the pictorial object to two or more dimensions. The influence of Francisco Sobrino resonates in the work of Lao Gabrielli, where the investigation by light, movement and space remain latent in each piece. The artist moves from the luminous and colorful plane to a dynamic surface that moves both in physical reality and in optical reality. The minimalist game of geometries presents us with new and agile kinetics that evoke the Argentine kinetic school of the sixties led by Julio Le Parc and the Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel (GRAV).The painter transcends geometric abstraction to create displacements in opposite or contiguous directions that generate visual sequences. The repetition of simple forms produces a fast and lively aesthetic in its tones. Lao seeks with scientific precision to capture the greatest amount of light through transparent acrylics in her creations, as well as in the two-dimensional planes on canvas, metal, silk fabrics, papers as well as her objects in her art.