Laurina Paperina

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ITALY, 1980

Laurina Paperina, the artistic alter ego of Laura Scottini, pokes fun at art and life in her morbidly humorous paintings, drawings, installations, sculptures, animations, and photographs. In her artist’s statement she describes herself as «a duck with a human head» who «doesn’t want to make serious art». Instead, she ridicules the self-importance endemic to the artistic enterprise, as well as politics, religion, and pop culture, through her cartoonish caricatures. In her multi-part project titled, How to Kill the Artists, Paperina pays twisted homage to modern and contemporary art stars like Picasso, Marina Abramović, and Takashi Murakami by killing them with their own work. Murakami, for example, is eaten alive by one of his maniacally grinning flowers, while Abramović performs herself to death.