Luana Segato

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ITALY, 1967

A native of Mogliano Veneto, Treviso, Luana Segato works in her studios in both Venice and Padua.
After her studies at the Scuola Internazionale Grafica in Venice, where she experimented with various graphics and painting techniques (drawing, engraving, watercolour and oils), she chose to concentrate on painting, mapping out her own study plan and working as an assistant at the academy, as well as in the studio of a renewed maestro. Her particular area of interest and research is the painter’s canvas, widely adopted in Venice in the end of the 15th century. Venetian canvas makers started thriving when the damp climate of the lagoon started damaging the frescoes of previous centuries. Taking this historical context as her starting point, the artist develops her concept of a contemporary canvas, a “spatial” canvas, with the power to shape, occupy and invade. The works are like a painted carpet that dresses and preserves a place; a support that is sometimes created using scraps of old fabrics, joined by showy stitches and threads to create a base for depictions of the city’s historical maps and canals.