Maryam Mohry

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IRAN, 1979

What stands out in Maryam Mohry’s works on paper is the narrative quality of her drawings and her passion to fully immerse in the process of creation and experimentation, fuelled by a playful childlike sensibility.
Since childhood, she has had the habit of making cut-outs from her children’s books in order to narrate her own story, a habit that she has kept in making sketches for her works ever since. In the process, she takes every single thought, ordinary event, movie, or picture as a serious source of inspiration and makes small sketches as she goes along so that she can translate them into genuine stories in her artworks. She appreciates the translucent quality of watercolour and finds it best for shaping impulsive stories without trying to hide them behind various layers in order to make what she wants to depict plausible.