Natacha Lesueur

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FRANCE, 1971

Since her debut in Nice in the middle of the 1990’s, Natacha Lesueur has exhibited all over France, in Lyon, Grenoble and Paris then showed abroad, in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Canada and USA, where she took part to several collective exhibitions, in Montreal and New York.
«The artwork of Natacha Lesueur as a whole, has been, since 1993, mainly photographic. (…) Her preoccupations articulate around the body, appearance, pomp and the intimate relationship flesh and food maintain. This body, the favourite topic, was subjected in various series of images to various treatments pertaining to restraint, staging, and mask (between an ornament and camouflage). She produces series, that follow without resembling each other, unfold into an infinite variety where notions like: the pattern, tour de force, trompe-l’oeil, optical delusions, that resonate with each other, and make the very unity of the work. (…)».

Pauline Thyss, text extract