Perino & Vele

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Emiliano Perino, EE.UU., 1973 – Luca Vele, ITALY, 1975

Perino & Vele work since 1994, favoring the use of papier-mâché for the realization of their works. They have always played with the ability of observers to recognize in their sculptures their own daily life, showing them the world of objects that surround us through a new light, iconic but at the same time ironic.
Grinding newspapers of various colors (pink Gazzetta dello Sport, yellow Italia Oggi, beige Il Sole 24 Ore, gray Il Corriere della Sera or Il Mattino), they recycle the pages in a mixture of words and images, a media mix that, once formed, returns to communicate. A game between the irony of the meanings and the ambiguity of the materials, in a sort of communicative antagonism.