Rafael Coutinho

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BRAZIL, 1980

Rafael Coutinho is a comic artist, animator, designer and visual artist. This multiplicity of performance is revealed in the visuality of his works through a subtle contamination between graphic, narrative and pictorial elements. In the field of art, his paintings in large dimensions usually operate in a rhetorical common to still cinema photography, in enigmatic situations that allow the spectator to fantasize about the continuities of the situation, both inside and outside the scene. In these pictures, there is a prioritization of the brushstroke in relation to the line, in constructions formed in the interaction between gradations of light and shade, contaminated by colour. The transparencies and overlays of plans lead to a dreamlike universe which permeates these apparently linear narratives, leaving room for us to interpret the key linear elements in his pictorial work in two ways: through their abundance and their content.