Silvia Lerín

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SPAIN, 1975

“My current work comprises mostly of paintings and installations so, very often, my paintings distil sculptural characteristcs and vice versa. In many of my artworks, there is a predominance of the two, be it two volumes, two shapes, two textures, as if they were the two contradictory forces needed to develop any idea. The duality is present in my work via either visually or conceptually way. The uncertainty, the doubt, the contradiction are for me paths full of imaginative encounters that end somehow in my art.”

Silvia Lerín graduated in Fine Arts at Polytechnic University of Valencia, she lives and works between London, Indianapolis and her hometown. In the last ten years she has held important exhibitons in public and private venues in Spain, Germany, United States and England obtaining several prizes. In 2021 she is presenting her first solo exhibiton at Puxagallery.