Tamara Alves

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Tamara Alves (b. 1983) is a Portuguese visual artist and illustrator, currently based in Lisbon. She holds a degree in Fine Arts (ESAD-IPL) and a masters in Contemporary Artistic Practices (FBAUP) where she presented a dissertation on the subject “Public Activism in the Urban Context”. Having always been interested in a type of art that is “inserted” in the world,fascinated with the street aesthetics and the urban context, Tamara prefers to ignore conventional spaces such as galleries or museums and present her work in the street or in public spaces. In her work, the erotic panorama of a contemporary body with those e ects of the expansion of the limits that constitute it is represented. A brutal passion, instead of a rational consideration, a body-without-organs, becoming animal, the experienced sensations, “starving hysterical naked” (Allen Ginsberg). Presenting a visual language inspired by the urban aesthetic, she uses media with multifaceted characteristics – drawing, painting, ceramics or tattooing. Since 2000 she has participated in various projects, solo and group exhibitions and urban art interventions.