Tomoko Kawao

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JAPAN, 1977

Tomoko Kawao is a calligrapher who creates intuitive, sensual works using the traditional ‘four treasures’ of Japanese calligraphy- the brush, ink, inkstone and paper- as well as conceptual and mixed-media works incorporating elements of video, photography and installation. Her oeuvre includes the Correlation series, in which the movement of the brush in the air, usually invisible on the page, is made visible through the dripping of ink. In her Hitomoji series, Kawao created a set of self-portraits in which she inserted her physical self into the form of each Kanji character, while in others such as the 21st Century Renmen series, she has examined the vector of writing itself. As an artist, Kawao continues to address problems facing contemporary society, changes in personal consciousness and the diversification of values, and express these perspectives to the world through her calligraphic art.