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ITALY, 1977

Marco Burresi is an Italian street artist who is better known in art world as Zed1. Born in 1977 in Florence, ZED1 started painting walls about 25 years ago and is best known for his murals of egg headed humans and curious critters that have decked walls from Amsterdam to New York.
His work stands out with a unique and provocative interpretation of forms and an enchanting and sometimes melancholy color palate. With wise use of the spraying technique, given a well-founded experience, ZED1 is able to obtain harmonious shades as if they were watercolors, his technique can be sudden, splashed, unfinished, as well as precisely attentive to detail. His characters are found to have strands of hair perfectly defined and texture decorative in their clothes. Marco’s recent portfolio is populated by puppets, elves, clowns and imaginary characters that can be likened to those of a fairy tale; melancholy and reflection are the masters in the atmosphere he paints.