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Promenade. A virtual walk through the realm of drawing

Curated by Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge

For most of us, life as we know it has been in total confusion for many months, it seems like it has taken a break from us and we can only hope that it will return soon, renewed, repaired, and with all the necessary energy to nourish us again.

In times like these, art has, as never before, the tremendous power to transform our minds and hearts and illuminate and uplift our cloudy spirits.

We have accepted the challenge that exhibitions at the moment are difficult to organize and that the venues where people meet have been reduced.

Therefore, we have created a virtual promenade, in a fantastically designed gallery space, through a large number of drawings, selected from a group of international galleries (from Europe, Asia and Latin America), which will take the visitor on a tour that is an exploration of a particular kind.

The artist Paul Klee once said that «A drawing is a line that goes for a walk». Walking, looking and discovering – that’s the description of a perfect walk.

The visitor to this virtual exhibition has the great opportunity to choose between these works that not only offer various narrative and technical forms, ways of defining drawing, but also a great variety of materials and concepts. Drawing, in all its ways and shapes. Among the more than forty artists selected there are well-known and established creators, as well as young artists who are just beginning their careers. You will find rare works from the seventies and of course absolutely current drawings that have just been completed in the studio.

This exhibition, in its extensive approach to the drawing, aims to broaden the understanding and the appreciation of the medium and to provide the public with works that are not only impressive and beautiful, but also available to the collector and amateur of drawings.


Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge